Energie saver

Fluorescent tubes need a ballast to be mains operated, which usually consumes around 20% of the total power consumption of the lamp.
By reducing the voltage these losses can be reduced significantly, while the reduction of the illumination is barely noticeable. This way fluorescent tubes  can even work more efficient than lamps with electronic ballasts.

  • Save energy costs with minimum expense * Saves up to € 100 per year
(depending on the stand-by consumption of the connected devices)
  • Disconnects your devices completely (all poles) from the mains supply
  • Automatically switches off the connected devices when stand-by operation is recognised (up to eight devices can be connected)
  • Works with all common IR remote controls – no adjustments necessary
  • Possibility of connecting four devices with plug type C (CEE 7/16) four devices with plug type F (CEE 7/4)
  • Environmentally friendly (stops unnecessary energy consumption, thus saving precious ressources)
  • Very easy assembly
  • Fire protection (each device in stand-by mode implies a certain fire risk)
  • Prolongs the durability of the connected devices
  • Overvoltage protection