KLEIN Elektronik – in use worldwide

Welcome to Klein Elektronik GmbH in Wittlich. We view ourselves as a reliable partner in the development and manufacture of modern and innovative electronic assemblies and devices for many areas of life. We develop customer-specific electronic products for industry and many sectors in which electronic components are used.

Since its founding in 1987, Klein Elektronik GmbH has dedicated itself to developing and manufacturing innovative and high-performance electronic assemblies and devices. Besides products for consumer markets and the medical device industry, we supply mainly power supply units, switching power supply units and control systems to the mechanical engineering and plant construction sector.

One of our goals is the constant optimisation of quality, service, time and costs, so that our products and services offer unequalled value in every respect. Improvement of our services is intended to benefit our customers. The highest level of customer satisfaction thanks to compelling quality is our top priority.

Ours is a culture in which the workforce feels comfortable and tasks are clear and achievable. Openness, fairness and respect within the team play a crucial role in the success of our company. In whatever we do we aim to achieve the best results. We strive for the highest quality in development, supply and production. With superior services and the best support, we distinguish ourselves from normal production operations by our broad service offering.

Let us convince you of our competence.